Introducing #MakeItScope

One of our many missions is to provide a community for healthcare workers/students to share their stories about their endearing journey towards reaching their goals. We want our scope family to be able to inspire each other to be their best and reach their highest potential. Let us introduce #MakeItScope, where every few weeks, we'll be featuring the stories of your experiences and how you've gotten to where you are today. Thank you for letting us share your story with our scope community. 
Natasha Y., DVM Candidate

The journey of veterinary medicine has been enlightening. This field contains so many intelligent and compassionate individuals. Every day I work alongside clinicians who are wholly dedicated devoted to their patients witness lengths they will go ensure high-quality patient care. I am drawn to this profession because I have witnessed (and been on the receiving end of) the delicate balance of communicating logical steps to move forward while providing support for both the patient's and the client's most vulnerable moments. Animals are intimately intertwined with the world we interact with, and veterinarians are educated to navigate the intersecting spaces between animals, diseases, and humans. As with all professions, there is always room for growth within veterinary medicine, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the upcoming generation of veterinarians who will continually push boundaries of the accepted norm. I hope that we constantly better ourselves in diversity, access, and knowledge.