Week 1 - #InspireScope

Week 1 - #InspireScope

One of our many missions is to provide a community for healthcare workers/students to share their stories about their endearing journey towards reaching their goals. We want our scope family to be able to inspire each other to be their best and reach their highest potential. Let us introduce #InspireScope, where every few weeks, we'll be featuring the stories of your experiences and how you've gotten to where you are today. Thank you for letting us share your story with our scope community. 
Brea D. BSN, RN
Float Pool Postpartum and NICU Floor RN
I started my journey 5 years ago as a registered nurse. Since the age of 5 I knew I wanted to be a “baby nurse” when my mom got pregnant with my sister. Nursing school was a wild ride as you all probably know, and I was anxious to get into the area I longed to be… however I started in med surg and it proved to be quite the challenge. After 9 months of working there, having MANY tears shed and second guessing my choice to be a nurse, I became a postpartum nurse. Here I found my passion that started way back when I was 5 years old. Being apart of someone’s life at such a precious moment is truly a gift. From teaching breastfeeding, how to make “baby burritos” AKA swaddle and even talking through the loss of an Angel baby, my job the last 4 years as a postpartum nurse has given me more joy and fulfillment than many people have in a lifetime at a job. I can honestly say I feel my patients appreciate everything I do and recognize me for these things. I’ve had the privilege of receiving 9 daisy nominations over my years, hospital recognition awards for going above and beyond for my patients and a special pin for being impactful with my infant loss families. But nursing is an ever evolving job so over time, I realized I wanted to push myself, and I joined float pool at my hospital. I now am a postpartum and NICU nurse. It’s been a challenge the last 6 months learning the ropes. It even made me second guess if I had the ability to be a great nurse in more than one area. As time pasted I realized it was the push I needed to show myself I’m capable and my new knowledge helps me educate my new moms even more than before. While being a nurse is challenging, exhausting, fulfilling, and an endless adventure, I wouldn’t take back my choice to be one. I know my purpose lies in this career and despite all the negativity that many like to spread about it, I’m here to be the light. To show you being a nurse matters, and remind you that your fingerprints never fade from the lives you touch. Nursing provides me with that precious opportunity everyday. 
Catherine F., BSN-RN
In my short three years as a nurse, I worked in a PICU. I switched to pediatric acute care where I floated to all units, and now I’m a travel RN working all over the country! My mission is not only to give excellent care to my Peds patients but also to be an advocate and resource for new grad nurses and student nurses. My goal is to make them feel welcome and that I can be relied on for help. I also strive to be a helpful resource for new residents and experienced doctors to provide a synergistic environment while working as a team. My proudest (and scariest) moment as a nurse was when a little girl got hit by a car while I was on vacation and I stepped in with two others to perform care and administer CPR while we waited for paramedics to arrive. It was a moment in my life where I will forever be grateful for my ICU experience. 


Natasha Y., DVM Candidate

The journey of veterinary medicine has been enlightening. This field contains so many intelligent and compassionate individuals. Every day I work alongside clinicians who are wholly dedicated devoted to their patients witness lengths they will go ensure high-quality patient care. I am drawn to this profession because I have witnessed (and been on the receiving end of) the delicate balance of communicating logical steps to move forward while providing support for both the patient's and the client's most vulnerable moments. Animals are intimately intertwined with the world we interact with, and veterinarians are educated to navigate the intersecting spaces between animals, diseases, and humans. As with all professions, there is always room for growth within veterinary medicine, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the upcoming generation of veterinarians who will continually push boundaries of the accepted norm. I hope that we constantly better ourselves in diversity, access, and knowledge.
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