Hello everyone, 

My name is Han Pham and I am the creator of SCOPE scrubs. I wanted to share with you a bit about myself and the brand, why SCOPE was created, and our mission. My story started out as a pre-nursing student. I've spent 3 years working on my pre-requisites for nursing school and was finally accepted into a BSN Program in 2019! During the years of completing my pre-reqs, I found myself working part time as a Medical Assistant at a Gastroenterology Clinic. During my time at the GI Clinic, my very first pair of scrubs were an inexpensive one that I found off of Amazon. With the price being low, so were the qualities. The fabric was coarse and rigid; I had difficulty just bending down to tie my shoelaces. It was also very thin, so any droplet of water would seep into the textile and make me look very unprofessional. The fit was very boxy and therefore I felt like a walking box package. As a student, as much as I wanted to spend tons of money on high quality, stylish, and comfortable scrubs, being able to afford it was a different story. That moment of constantly feeling unsatisfied and uncomfortable at work was when my journey began with creating our brand: scope. 

Our brand is not about creating traditional medical uniforms. It's about creating new ideas and being different. I am absolutely in love with athleisure apparel so our products are definitely inspired by it. Our apparel is made from high quality fabric and accessories to assure that you are comfortable while looking amazing. It’s not just a uniform; It’s a second skin. You should feel confident enough to wear it loud and proud to amplify your role in the medical field.

The amount of effort and endurance that healthcare workers display on a daily basis are endless, therefore, we could not thank them enough. As a way of giving back, we want to produce an array of comfortable, stylish, and affordable apparel for ALL healthcare workers. We want to help you improve your work performance and allow each shift to be as comfortable as possible.

The very first sketch of my ideas for SCOPE scrubs


SCOPE started out with less than 500 units and from there, I've been working my hardest to improve and expand this brand! I want to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey, whether you've been there since the first release or the newest release. SCOPE's mission is to create affordable and functional scrubs that also helps you feel confident and comfortable at school/work. You deserve the best for what you're doing to give back to the community so I hope that SCOPE can give back to you by offering the option of awesome scrubs. Your support has been a huge reason as to why I constantly remind myself of who I'm doing it for. This brand was created for you and I will strive to make it the best for you. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. I can't wait to see what life has in store for all of us. 


Thanks a bunch,

Han Pham

Creator of SCOPE



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